Our History

CODIPA S.A. (Compañía Distribuidora de Papel – Paper Distribution Company) was founded in 1971 as a continuation of Finnish paper groups that had been operating in Argentina since 1940.

The merger of two business groups, the Argentine Chozas and the Finnish Finnpap, led to CODIPA, a company that at the time was dedicated exclusively to the import of newspaper paper.

In 1979, CODIPA broadened its market and, in addition to newspaper paper, began to produce other kinds of paper products such as stucco bond paper and heavyweight paper.

With an over forty-five years track record, CODIPA has taken a clear path in the distribution of imported and domestically manufactured paper and cardboard.

Our wide range of products makes us leaders in the markets of editorial publications such as newspapers, magazines and books; in commercial publications such as inserts, catalogues, guidebooks, pamphlets and school books; and in the printing of packaging such as boxes, envelopes, labels and dispensers, as well as other industrial printed products.

Who We Are

CODIPA S.A (Compañía Distribuidora de Papeles - Paper Distribution Company) is a business dedicated to the sale of paper and printed products of the highest quality in the domestic and international markets.

It is our mission is to provide our customers, through professional service and customised advice, with the product they require at competitive prices.

In order to achieve this we have a permanent stock and an experienced, customer-focused commercial and administrative structure.

CODIPA understands its goals and helps you reach yours.






What we do


Safe, efficient and flexible delivery throughout the country. CODIPA has an advanced logistics system that allows us to meet our customers’ needs in due time and manner.

Customised assistance

Our highly qualified staff have all the right knowledge to provide you with the best service.

Technical assistance

Codipa’s trained professionals provide all the technical assistance you need, meeting our customers’ needs with the best added value.

Sending of samples

We have samples, catalogues and technical specifications for all our products.


Thanks to our permanent stock we can offer a wide range of quality products at national and international level .

  • Daily paper
  • Journal enhanced role
  • Lightweight coated paper
  • Lightweight coated paper
  • Paper Work
  • Super Calendered paper
  • Card GC1 and GC2
  • Daily paper
  • Journal enhanced role
  • Lightweight coated paper
  • Heavy coated paper
  • paper Work
  • Chemical paper
  • Super Calendered paper
  • Thermal Paper
  • Card GC1 and GC2
  • Onda paper
  • White Top Liners
  • Semi Onda Paper Chemical
  • Card GC1 and GC2

Some of our brands


At CODIPA we recognise the social, environmental and ethical responsibility of our operations and relationships. We have a commitment to the environment and our environmental goals are strongly tied to our mission, vision and values.


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